Sleeve Warmer
Sleeve Warmer

Sleeve Warmer

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Heat up your passion with our USB Sleeve Warmer. A cold masturbator naturally warms up during use, but you can also start warm with our USB Sleeve Warmer. This heating accessory ensures that the inside of your toy heats up to a maximum of 40°C.

Plug the USB Sleeve Warmer into your laptop, 5V powerbank or wall adapter and preheat it for approximately five minutes. Apply some water-based lubricant to it and slide it inside the masturbator. Heat it up for about 15 minutes and enjoy!

Please note that our USB Sleeve Warmer is not waterproof. Only apply lube to the long end below the golden ring. The USB Sleeve Warmer can handle moisture but please do not hold it directly under the water tap. Do not use the USB Sleeve Warmer for more then 20 minutes per session. Before and afterwards it is best to clean the Sleeve Warmer with toy cleaner.