Discover enhanced solo play or shared simulation with handheld masturbators based on your favorite SIM Game characters.
Our toys are crafted from long lasting durable premium quality bodysafe silicone.

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Alisha Penetrable
Some folks require a bit of extra warming up, but don’t let Alisha’s icy attitude fool you! Once you..
Carla Penetrable
Sweet and unassuming, this shy vixen charms and beguiles with her innocent smile. A soft touch, a ge..
Harper Penetrable
Meet Harper, the dedicated on-site security officer who's always looking out for the safety and well..
Kim Penetrable
Ready for the bedroom ride of your life? Kim’s a tough, no-nonsense woman who likes to take charge, ..
Lanaar Penetrable
Looking for some devilish delights in the bedroom? Lanaar the playful frifrit has her eye on you wit..