Pillow Case - Choma

Pillow Case - Choma
Brand: Galactic Monster Quest
Product Code: GMQ-003
Information: Pillow is sold separately.
Price: $59.26

Choma Sahal, the sly Marmarok from the sim adult game Galactic Monster Quest who does plies his wares on the planet Nuredan, is more than eager to treat with a fellow traveler of the stars. Sometimes, trade negotiations can get a bit heated.  Why not relax with him for a while?  He will always make an offer worth your time.  And money, of course. Rather than the standard quality 'Peach Fuzz' cover, we are pleased to offer dakimakura cases made from the highest quality material 'Two-Way Tricot' spandex and polyester blend that gives your pillowcase the comfort, feeling, ease of cleaning and longevity that you deserve to have!

This is only the pillow case. Make sure you own or purchase an appropriately sized pillow, click here.

Pillow Case
Condition New
Material Polyester
Size 50x150 (wxh)
Type Two Way Tricot
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